Here's a summary of the organisations and projects I've been involved in over the years.

  1. Theodo UK - Tech Lead

    As a Tech Lead on client projects, it is my job to create and maintain working conditions in which Developers can deliver the most value to the client whilst learning and progressing.
    This starts by defining the technical conditions for a project to succeed (project conception and architecture) and continues by working with the developers to maintain high standards.

  2. Role: Coach

    At Theodo, I have coached 5 developers within the company, which I have greatly enjoyed. Through weekly coaching sessions, I drive my coachee's progression by:
    1. facilitating clarity in their goals;
    2. raising awareness of their current strengths & weaknesses;
    3. guiding them to create an actionable plan; and
    4. holding them to account for following or amending the plan.
  3. Client: Asset Finance Platform for International Bank

    file_type_groovy React Logo

    Java, Groovy on Grails, Microsoft SQL, TypeScript, React

    Asset Finance management enterprise application with an event sourcing architecture. I managed the migration towards TypeScript, reaching 100% file coverage, managed improvements to Cypress e2e tests which reduced the runtime by 50%, and managed upgrades to software versions (e.g. Groovy on Grails from v3 to v5).

  4. Client: Companion Bluetooth Mobile App to Luxury Electric Scooter

    React Logo

    Android, TypeScript, React Native, Expo

    Created a native Android plugin for turn-by-turn navigation in the companion app which connects to the scooter via Bluetooth.

  5. Client: Social Media App for Trading High-Value Sports Gear

    React Logo

    Supabase, Postgres, TypeScript, React Native, Expo

    Built and deployed an Instagram-like social media platform from scratch, which contained most typical social media features - user management, image posts and feeds, liking, commenting, reposting, and following.

  6. Client: Terrorism Modelling and Data Platform for International Insurance Broker

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    Terraform, AWS, Django, Postgres, TypeScript, React

    Used Django and Postgres (PostGIS) to model a simulation of the disruption caused by terror attacks for an existing insurance data platform. Added a "GeoWizard" feature for uploading and manipulating geospatial CSV data.

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  7. Client: Austrian National Photovoltaic Provider

    HubSpot, Contentful, TypeScript, NextJS

    Worked within a startup environment alongside an international management consultancy to build a CMS-configurable sales funnel to compete with less agile market and seamlessly deliver Photovoltaic cells to private properties. This included tools to select your roof on a map and cost calculators to identify when energy production will pay off the upfront installation cost.

  1. Theodo UK - Full-Stack Engineer

    Developed full-stack web and mobile apps across many sectors, from green tech, to insurance, to finance, working within start-up teams building a business from the ground up or within multinational organisations.
  2. Client: Gaming Mobile App

    React Logo

    TypeScript, React Native, Expo

    Built a React Native app from scratch with account management to play games embedded using a Webview.

  3. Client: International Provider of Private Portfolio Management

    Contentful, TypeScript, NextJS

    Built a multistage fully CMS-configurable questionnaire for onboarding customers onto the portfolio management offering. The question flow lead to a results page which showed customised which depended on question responses.

  4. Client: French Commercial Flooring Manufacturer

    Terraform, AWS, Python

    A solo project, migrating AWS infrastructure for an AI material synthesis application to be multi-regional in AWS so that computational jobs running on P3 machines could be queued (SQS) and parallelised appropriately due to a lack of availability of machines in a single region.

  5. Client: Health-Tech Research Startup

    React Logo

    NestJS, Forrest Admin, React

    Back-office and dashboard for doctors to access medical research participation information about patients. Created a custom calendar display component and PDF export functionality.

  6. Client: Accountancy Internal Tooling

    IBM TM1 OLAP, NextJS

    As the main developer, built the frontend for the internal tool which powers budgeting for one of the big four accounting firms. Built custom spreadsheet components to display roll-up financial data and serialised and deserialised multidimensional data stored in the OLAP database.

  7. Client: Pollution Dispersion Modeling Cloud Migration

    AWS Serverless, Docker, DynamoDB, Python, NextJS

    Migrated a Python-based pollution dispersion modelling desktop app to the cloud for better UX, distribution, and simulation paralellisation. Later returning to make enhancements to the underlying dockerised model and display results on an interactive map.

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  8. Client: Med-Tech Startup

    React Logo

    AWS Serverless, DynamoDB, React Native

    Greenfield React Native app built for a startup connecting doctors to the providers of medical supplies in the US.

  1. Code4000 - Academy Facilitator, HMP Wandsworth

    Created content and prepared web development training to equip prisoners with the skills to rejoin the workforce and disincentivise recidivism.
  1. MSc Computer Science - University College London

    First class (Hons).
  2. UCL Student Residence Advisor

    Provided pastoral support in undergraduate accommodation.
  1. Programme Administrator - NCS: The Challenge

    Administrated youth programmes.
  1. Natural Language Understanding Internship - Yagadi Ltd.

    Developed training materials for Natural Language Understanding system; created Android UI for concept demos; and created demonstrations of product.
  1. BSc Physics - The University of Sheffield

    First class (Hons).
  2. Vice President & Technology Director - Enactus Sheffield

    Facilitated other students with their self-development and progression through the company from the admissions process to facilitating students into leadership roles. Generated revenue for the company through managing two start-ups. Led a team to develop an augmented reality game in Python to promote wellbeing and core strength in the elderly. Reduced company costs by building and managing company websites and server space.
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  3. Founder & Course Tutor - Code Creators Sheffield

    Designed, implemented, and delivered two Python courses to undergraduates and PhDs. The enterprise was financially stable and continues years later.
  4. Student Ambassador - The University of Sheffield

    Welcomed prospective students gave tours of the Physics department.
  1. A Levels - Cardinal Newman College, Preston

    Studied Physics, Maths, and French.