What I Learned in my Computer Science MSc at UCL

Introduction to Programming: Patient Management System

I already had some exposure to Python during my undergraduate, so this module was mostly a recap for me. Our final assignment for the module was to build a patient management system for a hospital.
💻 Tech stack: Python, TKinter, SQLite.
🌱 Collaboration: individual project.
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Database Management Systems: Auction Website

💻 Tech Stack: PHP, MySQL, plain JavaScript/ HTML, BootStrap CSS.
🌱 Collaboration: team of four.
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Application Design: Numberfit (Cross-Platform Mobile App)

A big thank you to the Numberfit team, who worked with UCL to provide us with the project!
📱 Tech Stack: Ionic, Capacitor, Angular, Node JS, and Azure.
🌱 Collaboration: team of three.
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Summer Project: Smart Resume Analysis Platform

10 week project to build a jobs platform with authentication which extracts and indexes relevant information and personality details from an uploaded CV to allow recruiters to effectively match applicants to jobs for which they are a good match. Recruiters can also do custom searches for individual candidates.
I also added an API which would allow third-party services to query the system.
💻 Tech Stack: Django, Docker, IBM Watson, IBM Node-Red, BootStrap CSS.
🌱 Collaboration: individual project.
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Thanks for reading - I hope this demonstrated the kinds of projects you might work on if you’re looking to study Computer Science for a year as an MSc!